How To Add Custom Links On Optimize press Header?

In optimizepress you can use the following steps to Add Custom links to the header.

In your WordPress Admin Area,

Goto OptimizePress > Modules > Other Scripts >


If you don’t have Header Script Already, Click “Add New” button and Select Header.

custom Header For Optimize Press

If you have a Header Script Area Put your custom links as shown below and then click Save Settings.

Note: If you have multiple Header Scripts, put your custom code in the first Header Script Area for your custom links to work..

Code for Just The Link:

<center><a href="http://www.whataclick.com/globaljobs/" target="_blank">Global Writing Jobs</center>


custom Header Links For OptimizePress

Code for Link With Image:

<a href="http://www.whataclick.com/globaljobs/" target="_blank"><img src="Your Image Location"><br/>Global Writing Jobs


Now you try with tables and what not and customize the header area not only with scripts..but with any other items you want..

If this was useful, post a comment and let us know how you customized it..